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We supply genuine and/ or replacement parts for the following mineral oil separators of makes and types listed below:
· Alfa Laval all types (e.g. MB, MAB, MOPX, WHPX, FOPX, MMPX)
· Westfalia all types (e.g. OSA20-02-066, SAOG 3016, ON 2016)
· Mitsubishi type 282 451* 452* 453* 551type SJ700, SJ2000, SJ3000, SJ4000, SJ6000, SJ110
SJ11, SJ20, SJ25, SJ30, SJ40, SJ60, SJ61, SJP52
· Turbulo all type (e.g. TEF-5)
diesel engines spares
When sending us your inquiry please specify if genuine or replacement parts should be offered.